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Spring_2021_Bis2A_Singer_Lecture_18 - Biology

Introduction to gene regulationRegulation is all about decision making. tissues).Since the subject of regulation is both a deep and broad topic of study in biology, in Bis2a we don& 39;t cover every detail - there are way too many. Rather, as we have done for all other topics, we try to focus on (a) outlining some core logical constructs and questions that you must have when you approach ANY scenario involving regulation, (b) learning some common vocabulary and ubiquitous mechanisms and (c) examining a few concrete examples that illustrate the points made in a andb.
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Information Fungi as Food - Biology

Learning ObjectivesIdentify fungi that serve as foodHumans have collected and used fungi for thousands of years. Going out to dinner, you find fungi everywhere. It can be found in the Bleu Cheese used with your chicken wings or burger, to the yeast in the dough for your mushroom pizza.Edible mushrooms include commercially raised and wild-harvested fungi.
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