True Coral Snake

True Coral Snake

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True coral snake: one of the most venomous in Brazil

Key features of the true coral snake:

The true coral snake is a small snake. It has a strong color and easily recognized: striped in black, red and yellow.

It is a venomous, ie poisonous snake. It is considered one of the most poisonous in Brazil due to the high toxicity of its poison. Once stung, a person may die if they do not receive prompt medical attention.


The true coral snake is found in forests of southeastern and southern Brazil. They are also found in forest areas of Uruguay, Paraguay and some regions of Central America.

They live in tree branches, foliage, holes in decaying stumps, under rocks, and holes in the ground.


These snakes feed mainly on small and medium sized lizards, other snakes, amphibians and reptiles.


Oviparous lays 2 to 10 eggs which are incubated for 60 days.

Biological Curiosities

"There is another species of snake known as a fake coral snake." This is not poisonous, but through mimicry it is very similar to the real one.

- True coral venom is neurotoxic, meaning it reaches the central nervous system.

- This snake has a nightlife habit.

- When feeling threatened, the true coral moves the tail tip quickly. Thus, it can simulate its own head to confuse its predators.

Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Philo: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Snakes

Family: Elapidae

Genre: Micrurus